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We encourage our members to get involved with various activities that help keep the club running smoothly. Please send us an email that indicates where you are interested in contributing your time and energy. If you have a particular strength that you think would help us, we want to hear from you!

Bonspiel: Kirsten Berger (Director and Chair)
Finance:  Darin Romine (Director & Co-Chair); 
Fundraising: Darin Romine (Director & Co-Chair)
Ice Maintenance / Ice Prep: Tom Whitman and John Beesley ( Co-Chairs)
League:  Matt Culbertson (Director & Chair)

League - Friday Rookie:  Kirsten Berger
League - Friday Open:  Darin Romine
League - Saturday Rookie:  Pam Finch
League - Saturday Open:  Robert Onstad

Learn To Curl / Instructions: Kirsten Berger (Director & Chair)
Long Range Planning / Building: Scott Stevinson ( Chair)
Membership:  Alex Merrell (Chair)

Marketing / Publicity: Becca Wood / Phil Moir (Directors)
Newsletter: Phil Moir / Pam Finch
Playdowns: Cynthia Smith (Director & Chair)
Social: Joanne Frazer (Chair)
Sponsorship / Grants:  Cynthia Smith (Director & Co-Chair) and Becca Wood (Co-Chair)
Wheelchair Curling: Dena Rosenberry and Pam Finch (Co-Chairs)
Website: Phil Moir / Matt 

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