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Sweat Equity Items/ Need your Help
Sweat Equity Items which we can use your help:

Ice Room – Need volunteers to make**
  •  Benches**
  •  Broom Racks**
  •  Hacks – convert to removable
  •  Mat for Ice Scraper Blade**
  •  Scoreboards**
  •  Rock mover -copper pipe**
  • Trophy Case(s)
Pam Finch has dimensions for the majority of the foregoing items.

Landscaping - assist with landscaping.  More detail as landscaping plans are developed.

Tile Install - tile for the restroom floors and walls have been donated.  Need installers.

Camera /Monitor install - cameras for over each house and monitors have been donated.  Need Installers.

Clean Up - Final clean up of building before issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

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