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Substitution information
Substitution Information
DCC members that have 'Opted-IN' to send/receive substitution requests.  If you haven't received an email request to join the alias, but would like to, please email the address below and you'll be confirmed onto the alias.

Anyone can send an email to the DCC Subs alias: dccsubstitutes@googlegroups.com  If you are a "member" of the group, it will go thru to emails of all those who are subscribed. If you have not subscribed, you can still send the requests, but you can't receive the notices. Here is how you do it.

In order to subscribe, a user needs to go to www.groups.google.com/group/dccsubstitutes and click "Sign in and apply for membership". If you have a Google/Gmail account (and you already have a username and password), requesting to join the group is a snap. You'll see a section 'How do you want to read this group' where you'll select how you want the notifications come across. We will then "approve" you via the moderation tool, and then you will receive the Sub messages. Otherwise, a user new to Google needs to create an account. (You can still do this after clicking the link.) After creating the account, you will then request to join the group. We will approve, and you will be on the list.

Please respond to the sender only.

Also be specific- include date/time/team name.

Each team will be responsible for finding a sub and fielding a team each week. Forfeits will occur if a team cannot show at the specified draw time with at least 3 curlers.

The member phone list in the 'Membership Resources' can also be used to locate a sub under "Member" – "Member Resources" https://www.denvercurlingclub.com/login.php

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