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Karen Bronson
Director - Warm Room, Kitchen and Bar, Raffles
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Elected May 2013, Re-elected 2015

Being a 3rd generation Denver native, I didn't have any exposure to curling until later in my life. It took me 36 years of teaching and participating in numerous recreational sporting activities before curling grabbed my attention in the 2010 Olympics. I joined a learn-to-curl class 5 years ago and it was instant infatuation. In addition to league play and participating in bonspiels, working with new curlers in learn-to-curl events has been instrumental in keeping me invested and improving my curling skills. I've broadened the scope of my curling involvement at as a result of attending instructor trainings and participating in officiating and ice maintenance workshops.

Having a relatively brief history in curling makes me a rarity amongst board members, and affords me a unique viewpoint and perspective. I look forward to serving as an advocate on The Board for newer developing curlers. A continuing effort to listen to and engage new members, I believe, is the key to our long-term success. As we move forward in our new building, I am particularly interested in refining and expanding our curling education program, reaching out to all who might benefit from participation in curling-related activities. Many years of promoting strong communication, collaboration, and teamwork in the public school setting will continue to serve me well in this endeavor.

As a Director, in concert with my fellow board members, I will continue to roll up my sleeves to do the critical work of supporting the interests of our members through fundraising, recruiting, teaching, and everything else that is necessary for us to continue to move in a positive direction. The DCC Board Of Directors maintains a clear sense of direction and works within a strong collaborative model to reach our lofty goals. We take every step with energy and pride.




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