Middle / High School

Attention Middle/High School Students: Fall 2021

Interested in curling with us this fall?

Denver Curling will be offering a weekend JUNIOR BEGINNER class just for you.  No experience necessary - we will introduce, instruct, and coach you through drills, practices, strategy, and game play.  

Contact Nancy Maule for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

* Students will be grouped based on a combination of age and ability
* 4-5 students per instructor

* Juniors  will need:

* Our main focus is Having Fun and being Safe 
* We do ask that parents remain at the curling center while their kids are participating
* Students will be taught the delivery using a stabilizer, not the broom, to increase safety and learning progress

Advanced Training Program 

Are you looking for an opportunity to play in leagues? Do you love curling and want to play in college or in bonspiels? This program is for you and designed for Juniors who have the desire to further their training from the introductory sessions.


- Completion of at least one session of our junior program or have been a junior curler at another curling club

- Have met with one or more coaches of the DCC Junior Coaching Team


$20/2 hr session

Register here for Summer 2021 sessions

Fall ATP will begin on October 9, 2021, 10:00-Noon


Junior Competitve Program  


Who is the Junior Competitive Program designed for?
This program is exclusively for juniors interested in becoming national level competitive curlers.  This is not designed for juniors who want to focus on playing recreationally and going to the occasional bonspiel (we encourage the ATP program for that).  We will be preparing them for the U18 National Championships and eventually Junior Nationals (those under 21). Boys and girls will be taught together and in the future boys and girls teams will form. 
What are the prerequisites for the Junior Competitive Program (JCP)?
1. ATP Junior coaches approval and JCP coaches approval.  Our Saturday morning programs are designed for teaching the delivery and the basics of the game to be a successful bonspiel and league player.  In some instances, we may ask juniors to continue solely in the ATP program to continue skill-building to a certain level rather than be frustrated with the advanced techniques taught in this program.  
2. Commitment from the junior to attend the sessions and utilize available DCC practice ice to work on the skills taught between sessions.  Ultimately this program will be to prepare each junior for competitive curling and to form teams.  Therefore, there is an individual and a team component responsibility.
3. Starting Oct. 2021, the junior must be playing in at least 1 regular DCC league outside of juniors.