Denver Curling holds many public, private and corporate Learn to Curl classes during every curling season (September - April), with two main types of classes available: 

  • A two-hour Introduction to Curling class ($40)
  • A 6-session (12 hour) Curling Course/Mini League ($150) 

Spots are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration must be done through the website.

2016 - 2017 Learn To Curl Schedule

  • There are currently no new classes on the schedule.  We will post new dates when scheduled and email the wait list when they are announced. 

Please feel free to contact us by email to get notified when new classes are announced.

What happens during an Intro to Curling Class?

Begin with off-ice overview:
  • General information about curling rules, strategy, scoring, etiquette and safety
On-ice instruction:
  • Instructors working with you through the entire experience
  • Stone delivery demonstration
  • Drills to teach balance and sliding technique
  • Aiming towards a specific target
  • Purpose of sweeping and how-to effectively sweep
  • Game play!
What to wear:
  • Warm, comfortable clothing - dress in layers! The air temperature is 45F. 
  • Stretchy or loose fitting pants that allow freedom of movement - no jeans!
  • Clean, rubber-soled shoes (not just the shoes you wear in off the street - bring clean shoes that won't drag in dirt!)
  • Thin gloves and a hat 
Equipment provided by Denver Curling:
  • Brooms - for sweeping
  • Grippers - to put over your shoes to keep the ice clean and to keep you from slipping
  • Step-on sliders - for throwing the stone
  • Delivery stabilizers - a first step in stone delivery, to keep you upright and prevent falling

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