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New Curler Notification List

This notification list is for individuals interested in public Learn to Curl Classes.  Please add your Name, Email, and Securlty Code.   Click on RED email box to submit.

If you are interested in a Corporate Team Building event or Private lessons, click here.

If classes are full or no classes are currently listed then add your Name and Email. We will notify you when any new learn to curl classes or open houses are opened for registration.


Contact Us

Denver Curling 

Denver Curling Center is located at:
14100 W 7th Ave, Golden, CO 80401

Phone: 303-321-1107
Email: General Email Inquiries
Subscribe:   New Curler - Learn to Curl Notification List 

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Organization Information

The Denver Curling is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the spirit of curling; to develop youth and adult programs that lead to local, national, and international competitions. We host leagues, learn-to-curl clinics, corporate team building events, and open houses from September to May.Contact us to learn more about this awesome sport and the benefits of joining Denver Curling.

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