Filling leagues in a fair and transparent manner can be a challenge.

Denver Curling allows returning members a 1 week head start on selecting leagues over new members.  

 League Priority - how leagues are filled

  1. By returning league members, regardless of what team they were on last year (August 1-4).
  2. By curlers who were members of the club last year but did not play in that particular league. (August 5-6 on a first register, first serve basis). 
  3. By new members of the club (Starting August 7 on a first register, first serve basis )
  4. Returning members can sign up for 2 leagues as of August 1, and then sign up for 3 or more leagues will start after August 14th

Once league slots (32 or 64) are filled. Teams will be formed by:

  1. Teams of 3 or 4 who played together last year in that league and wish to remain together.
  2. New teams made up of 3 or 4 players who wish to play together and indicated as such on the registration form.
  3. Entirely new teams formed by the coordinators with individuals not already on a team.
  • Free agents (members not affiliated with any team) are assigned by the league chairman and coordinators to teams in such a way to produce the most balanced teams. This is usually done in consultation with the team skip.
  • The act of stating desired team members in the registration process does not register those members or hold their spots in any way. All members must register individually and by the dates provided above.

Certainly any returning member or new member can register and select leagues after August 7, but many popular leagues may be filled by that point. 

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