Payments, 2nd Installments or Remaining Balances

Denver Curling allows members to pay their fees in two installments. Half  at the time of registration and half by November 1.

The second installment and remaining balances of your membership / league fees are due November 1, 2017.
An overdue  late fee of $25 will be applied to all outstanding  accounts on or after November 15. 

To pay your balance  follow these steps: 

Step 1. Determine how much you owe.  If you know your balance go to step 2 below.

  as a guide only (not everyone paid exactly half) 

  • Full membership with 1 league  -  $536 , half = $268
  • Full membership with 2 leagues  -  $812 ,  half = $406
  • Full membership with 3 leagues  - $1088 ,  half = $544
    (note dues are slightly less if playing Sunday Doubles)
  • Junior membership with 1 league - $260,  half  =$130

If you don't know your balance;

  1. find line balance online,
    • by logging into your account ,
    • click on "My Information" on the right members menu,
    • under the "More" tab, you will find "Payment Information"
      • Paid Annual Dues?  it will say Yes if you have paid all or half your dues
      • Sign-up Total.    This is the total amount you owe.
      • Annual Dues Amount Paid.   This is the amount you have paid to date.
      • Please note we try to keep these up to date, but it usually takes a few days to reflect a payment.
  2. or check your original email reciept from when you signed up
  3. or please contact   Phil Moir  or  Kendal Andrews

 Step 2. Pay your account balance by using any of these options;   

  • Use the on-line web site Pro Shop
  • Pay by check - drop off at Bar POS, or mail it to the Denver Curling Club
  • Pay by credit card  at the club BAR POS
  • Pay by  Paypal me. -  If you have a paypal account you can pay  via  
  • and envelope of cash with unmarked bills. ;) 

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