The Rocky Mountain Curling Invitational held April 26-29, 2018, will be the first invitational event at the Denver Curling Club. This event will give  top club teams from around North America an opportunity to play against other great teams — minus the high costs of week long events.


  • 16 teams with 4 or 5 curlers from a single club. 12 of these teams will be from outside of Colorado.
  • 4 teams will represent a Colorado based club, and will have a playdown to qualify (Must register by April 1)
  • 7 game guarantee
  • Round Robin in two pools of 8 teams -  each team will know all the game times in advance and can plan sightseeing around them.
  • Open to  women, men and mixed teams - for this first year, there will be no gender requirements, it is an open version of Club Nationals. As the event grows in size andstature we will take feedback on the format.
  • Cash and other prizes will be awarded 
  • Informal, sit down dinner on Saturday night for all the teams. If any tiebreakers are required they will be played at 8 pm on Saturday night (giving those teams just enough time to eat). If no games are required other activities may be planned.



Entry Fee

  • The team entry fee is $500 per team (Canadian teams at par)
  • A deposit of $250 per team is required to hold the spot (first come first served)
  • The balance must be fully paid before April 1 with a full lineup provided at that time.
  • Additional information on the entry details can be requested via email.

Registration now closed- contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Final Payments


  • The event will consist of eight-end games using the new five-rock rule.
  • As a club level event, there will be no officials or timers.
  • Teams are expected to finish in approximately two hours and we intend to scrape after each game.
  • After each team's first win they will throw 2 draws to the button with sweeping (one of each turn, different players). The total distance from the pin will be used for any tie-breaking scenarios that cannot be resolved in the one planned tiebreaker draw. So if 3 teams have the same record, the best score is the #1 seed and the other two teams will play for the #2 seed. While head to head results will be the first tie breaker, it will only be used if there is a clear outcome (i.e. two teams with the same record for one spot or three teams with the same record but one team beat the other two). If multiple teams are tied and draw score is used, it will be used for all the tied teams - head to head no longer applies. The draw score may be used to eliminate teams from the playoffs (if for example 5 teams are tied and only two can advance, the highest draw score is eliminated)
  • Teams consist of four or five people from a single club.
  • WCF broom heads will not be required, but commercially available broom heads must be used (no homemade heads). Hardline brooms may not use the plastic insert. 
  • Stick curlers are welcome          

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or feedback to help us plan a great event.

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