Registration of teams for the Rocky Mountain Curling Invitational  (RMCI) is now open for clubs based in Colorado. This is an open format invitational event and playdowns will be held at the Denver Curling Center.

The Rocky Mountain Curling Invitaional is a 16 team event that will take place September 20-23,  with eight end games using the new five rock rule. While no timers will be involved, we are planning on having five draws per day with a scrape after each game so our ice should be fantastic. With a round robin format, everyone will know when all their games are giving them time to explore the surrounding area.

As this is an invitational event, there are minimum qualifications to enter and the teams that represent Colorado will be decided on the ice. To enter the competition, all four (or five) members of the team must have gone to a national event or signed up for any playdown event (including PIC) in 2016-2017 or 2017-2018. Alternatively, an individual may qualify by having gone to two out of state bonspiels between September 1, 2016, and September 3, 2018. If any one player doesn't meet the qualification by the entry deadline, the entire team is disqualified. Subs for the actual event will be allowed but only from those that enter the playdown pool. While having to qualify to play is a new concept, one of the reasons for hosting this event is to reward local traveling teams with a chance to play top teams at home. 

Also anyone that volunteers to help with the September 2018 event will qualify for the 2019 event (next year).  So if you can't hit the road to travel, you can help out this year and be eligible for future years.

To register as a Colorado team, all four curlers must be members with full ice privileges of the same Colorado based club. 

We will use a playdown to select the top 4 teams in early September. The 5th place team will be ranked to fill in a spot in case we have an odd number of teams.  Exact playdown procedures and times will be posted in late August but the games will occur during the evenings sometime between September 10 and September 14.  

The fee to enter the playdowns is $100 per team. All funds from entering teams will be equally distributed to the teams that advance to the event to offset the $500 entry fee for each team. The entry deadline is August 1 and the teams that earn a spot in the event will be required to pay the balance due ($500 minus the split winnings) by September 14.

Registration is now open via EMAIL only.  

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register or if you have any questions on the event.