Dan Ahern
Vice President - Building Maintenance, Ice Maintenance
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Elected 2016

While I am relatively new to the sport of curling, I have a deep passion for the development of this club. I enjoy volunteering and working to grow and develop the club just as much as I do being on the ice curling. I regularly find myself doing whatever needs to be done around the facility. Before I had ever participated in a single full game of curling, I was out at the club digging holes for landscaping and trees and it has never stopped. In the past year you would have found me around the club picking weeds, building a shed, modify plumbing in the mechanical room, building portable hacks for the Little Rockers, preparing the sideboards for ice installation, cleaning and more. You can also usually find me in the kitchen during bonspiels cooking and serving food, or behind the bar, or being a timer during official events. I also completed the Instructor course this year and have enjoyed begin an instructor during Learn to Curl events.

I am a civil engineer but my career has evolved allowing me to focus on writing and recording training materials and teaching others how to use software to complete their engineering tasks. My desire to help and teach others is the same both at work and at the curling center. As part of my job I also plan and coordinate several annual training conferences attended by 400-500 people. The experience I have with these events could be beneficial in planning and coordinating bonspiels and other events.

My interest in being part of the Board is to help continue the momentum the club has enjoyed through our first two years in our own facility. I will be a valuable contributor to help the club continue to grow and establish ourselves as one of the best facilities and financially stable clubs in the country.

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