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Director - IT
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Hello all, my name is Kris Notari this will be my 5th year curling 3rd at the club, and I chair of the IT and Technical position on the board , but who am I?

When I am not either at the club working on the internet stream, bartending, or playing with my teams I am on the road making television possible to be viewed. I work for a company called NEP Broadcasting ( and what we do is we own and operate most of the mobile TV units or OB vans if you are from the UK to do such events as The Oscars, The Masters, Final Four, The Derby and many more, we use the latest technology and constantly push the envelope to what’s next. I have worked for this company for 5 years and have done many events in those 5 years. I bring real world application to the curling club and am attempting to make the YouTube stream better every year, while also updating the building with necessary items such as audio video and security systems. I have experience in Installing both interior and mobile, and can come up with some creative ways to solve problems, without breaking the bank. I want to make the DCC not just locally popular but globally popular, between what the club offers and what we can provide. A real goal of mine is to work with the board to make Curling Night in America on NBC hosted in Colorado a real thing! Wouldn’t that be great, not just for the club but for the sport. In closing I just want to use internet streaming and live television to do everything I can to grow the sport of Curling so everyone no matter where they are can enjoy this great sport we all love.

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