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Learn To Curl (L2C) and Special Events

Denver Curling holds many Learn To Curl (L2C) during each curling season (September - April). 
For updated L2C events, view our Registration page.

Your Learn to Curl class will begin with a brief off-ice overview of basic curling rules and strategy before heading out onto the ice surface.  Out on the ice we will lead your class through several drills to teach you how to properly slide out of the hack, deliver a stone to a target, and sweep a stone down the sheet.  On-ice instructors will be with you to off any assistance you need, and answer any questions you have.  Once comfortable with the basics, we will lead you and your team through actual game play in order to demonstrate etiquette, basic strategy, and score keeping.
A Learn to Curl event includes the use of the Denver Curling Club curling equipment. We provide brooms, sliders and delivery stabilizers for your use during the class. You will need to bring warm comfortable clothing and a good pair of clean, flat bottomed shoes. 
Participants need to wear clean rubber soled sneakers. The treads in the bottoms of your shoes should not be full of mud or grease. Keep in mind that you will be standing on ice, so a thick pair of socks to help keep your feet warm is a good idea. Don't wear cowboy boots or leather soled dress shoes as they will be very slippery and your feet will likely be cold. 
Playing on the ice for more than an hour can be a chilly experience if you don't dress appropriately. Thin gloves can help keep your fingers warm, and a hat is good to have with you, but not necessary. We recommend dressing in layers on the ice.  After sweeping multiple stones down the ice, you may want to shed a layer or two. Stretchy or loose fitting pants rather than jeans are best for crouching down in the hack to deliver a stone.

At present helmets are optional, however we highly recommend a light wieght bicycle helmet for adults, and either a bicyle or hockey helmets for all juniors.
We're happy to have the opportunity to show you how much fun curling can be. We'll do our best to make your time with us informative and fun.

For updated L2C events, view our Registration page.

If you would like to gift a Gift Certificate for a friend or loved one to Learn To Curl, head to our Pro Shop.

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