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The instructors and members of the Denver Curling Club look forward to meeting you at your Corporate Learn to Curl Event.  Our goal is to expose your company to a fun, informative, and different way to work together as a team. Curling is often referred to as "chess on ice" and we hope we spark your interest enough to experience why this is.

Your event will begin with a brief off ice overview of very basic curling rules and strategy. Next, you will receive personal on-ice instruction and practice the curling skills you've been shown. You will learn how slide, deliver a stone, and sweep. After everyone has gotten the basic idea, we will break you into teams and participate in real game play!

For an event scheduled during daytime hours (before 3:30pm or off-peak ice rental hours):
2 HR Cost: $700 minimum fee, which covers the first 16 people and a $20 fee per additional person.
3 HR Cost: $1050 minimum fee, which covers the first 16 people and a $20 fee per additional person.

For an event scheduled during evening hours (after 3:30pm or peak ice rental hours):
2 HR Cost: $880 minimum fee, which covers the first 16 people and a $20 fee per additional person.
3 HR Cost: $1,320 minimum fee, which covers the first 16 people and a $20 fee per additional person.

A Corporate Learn to Curl event includes the use of Denver Curling curling equipment. We provide brooms, sliders and delivery stabilizers for you to use. All you need in terms of "equipment" is warm comfortable clothing and a good pair of clean, flat bottomed shoes. Here's some detail on what works best in terms of clothes and shoes. 

Participants need to wear clean rubber soled sneakers. Clean sneakers means that the treads in the bottoms of your shoes should not be full of mud or grease. Keep in mind that you will be standing on ice, so a thick pair of socks to help keep your feet warm is a good idea. Don't wear cowboy boots or leather soled dress shoes as they will be very slippery and your feet will likely be cold. 

Dress in layers for the cold like you would for an outdoor winter sport.
Don't be fooled by a warm summer day into thinking you won't need warmer clothing during your time on the ice. Standing on the ice for more than an hour can end with you being very uncomfortable if you don't wear appropriate clothing. Thin gloves can help keep you warm, and a hat is good to have with you, but may not be necessary. It is a good idea to bring additional layers to wear, especially if you know that your body is easily chilled in cold weather. Stretchy or loose fitting pants rather than jeans are best for crouching down in the hack to deliver a stone.

The Ice Ranch has a restaurant upstairs, Santoro's, that opens at 4pm. If you have an event that ends at 3 or 3:30 pm, arrangements can be made to have the restaurant open early for your group. Optionally, CB Potts (subsidiary of RAM Restaurants) are a sponsor of USA Curling, and they would also welcome your business. They are located at C-470 and Broadway, less than 2 minutes from The Ice Ranch.

We're happy to have the opportunity to show you how much fun curling can be. We'll do our best to make your time with us informative and fun.


The Denver Curling Club is a 501(c)3 non profit organization. If your company is interested in supporting Curling in Colorado with an additional donation, we can provide you with a tax receipt for that additional donation along with our thanks. A donation is not required, but is appreciated.

Our goal as a non profit organization is to grow the sport of curling in Colorado and bring the sport and the spirit and the community of curling to youth, disabled persons and seniors. We also want to develop curlers to send to National curling competitions. The Denver Curling Club is looking for sponsors to help us move forward with our goals. If your company is interested in being a sponsor for a special event, or to help us in our goal to build a dedicated curling rink, we would be pleased to talk with you about that. 

Thanks for your interest, please feel free to contact Joanne.Frazer@denvercurlingclub.com with any questions about costs or ice availability.

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