We encourage our members to get involved with various activities that help keep the club running smoothly. Please send us an email that indicates where you are interested in contributing your time and energy. If you have a particular strength that you think would help us, we want to hear from you!

Committee Structure - Update August 2015

Chairperson: Sean Stevinson, Vice President
Committees Director Chair or Co-Chair Outline of Duties
Events Sean Stevinson Pam Finch Corporate/Private, Bonspiels, Rm Rentals
Instruction Sean Stevinson Phil Moir Learn to Curls, Clinics, Juniors/LRs
Membership & Leagues Matt Culbertson Corey Fairbanks Types, Schedules, membership, practice ice
Awards Alyssa Schear   awards


Building Maintenance
Chairperson: Phil Moir, Vice President
Committees Director Chair or Co-Chair Outline of Duties
Exterior Pam Finch   Building, grounds, lot
Interior Karen Bronson   Warm room, kitchen, bar, lockers, etc.
Ice Crew Phil Moir Tom Whitman Ice volunteers, support Head Ice Technician, Equipment, etc.
Mechanical & Electrical Systems Phil Moir Rob Huehmer Ice Plant, Dehumidifiers, RO, Fire, Electrical, HVAC, etc
Information Technology Matt Culbertson Phil Moir Cameras, mics, TVs, web, software, POS, Google Docs, etc.
Facilities Pam Finch Scott Stevinson special projects, 2nd phase of building, modification to facility, attaching items to walls


Business Operations
Chairperson: Matt Culbertson, Vice President
Committees Director Chair or Co-Chair Outline of Duties
Bar Drew Gibson Brett Davis  
Kitchen & Office Karen Bonson    
Marketing & Sponsorship Drew Gibson Brenda Bedard  
Merchandise Sean Stevinson   proshop
Communication Jen Nguyen Becca Wood facebook, twitter, web site, newsletter, phone
Fund Raising Drew Gibson    
Legal Cynthia Smith Dave Suhr  
Finance Darine Romine John Cherrey  



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