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Thank you for your interest in curling. Denver Curling offers corporate and private instructional sessions that will provide your group with a unique and entertaining experience.  Our events book quickly and well in advance.

We are currently fully booked for our 2023 season.  If you are interested in booking an event for Spring 2024, or getting on the notification list, please complete our Corporate Events: Inquiry and Booking Form.



Event Format

Our curling events will provide your group with an introduction to curling and aim to engage participants in all aspects of the game. Typical sessions are structured as ½ hour of on-ice instruction, 1½ hours of game play, and one hour social time. Requests for longer events can be arranged with our event coordinator.


For the 2023-2024 season, corporate and private curling events will be offered October – May.

Events may be scheduled during these times:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Friday: 10 am to 4:00 pm (limited availability)

Weeknights and weekends are generally booked with leagues and other club activities.  For large groups, there are a limited number of weekday evening or Saturday night opportunities that can be made by special request.

Fees are based on the number of sheets that will be used for game play. Each sheet, or playing surface, supports 8 players (2 teams of 4 players). Denver Curling has 4 sheets of dedicated curling ice. For current pricing structure, click the 'Pricing' tab below.

General Information

Select the topics below for details about our events or download the current Corporate and Private Curling Event flyer for general information.

Denver Curling provides all of the curling equipment needed.

  • Curling Stones or Rocks
  • Grippers (for increased traction on the ice)
  • Step-on Sliders (for delivering the rock)
  • Delivery Stabilizers (for assisting with balance)
  • Curling Stick (alternative for delivering the rock)
  • Brooms (for sweeping rocks in play)

Players should dress in layers, as air temperature on the ice is 45°F.

  • Warm, comfortable clothing (non-fuzzy, no glitter)
  • Stretchy or loose fitting pants that enable freedom of movement
  • Clean, rubber-soled athletic shoes (no heels)
  • Thin gloves
  • Hat (optional)

Denver Curling’s low player to instructor ratio (4:1) helps your team to get ready to curl quickly and effectively.

A typical curling event begins with an introduction in the Warm Room and covers:

  • A safety overview
  • Fitting of grippers for all players
  • Preview of curling rock delivery methods

On-ice Instruction includes:

  • Demonstration of basic curling skills and shots
  • Practice drills to prepare participants for game play, such as
    • - Sliding out of the hack or using the Stick delivery method
    • - Delivering a rock to the target (house)
    • - Sweeping a rock down the sheet of ice

Game Play:

  • 4-person teams formed
  • Usually 3-4 ends (scoring rounds) of curling played
  • Instructors assist with strategy and guide teams through entire experience.
# of sheets Max. # participants Cost*
4 32 $2,800
3 24 $2,100
2 16 $1,400
1 8 $700
*Based on 3 hour daytime session (2 hours ice time)
- Requests for longer events can be arranged with our event coordinator.
- A deposit of $250 is required when booking. Balance is due on the day of the event.

Denver Curling Center is located at 14100 W 7th Ave, Golden, CO. The facility has four sheets of dedicated curling ice that can accommodate 32 players at one time.

In addition to the ice arena, the center has a 2500 square foot room that contains the reception desk, bar, locker rooms, and seating area. The Warm Room offers:

  • 6 round tables and 64 chairs
  • Several 6’ long banquet tables
  • Unobstructed view of the ice, plus overhead monitors
  • PA system, projection screen, and computer hook-up
  • Maximum occupancy of 180

Our bar is stocked with a wide selection of local beers, a variety of spirits, juices, and soft drinks for purchase. The bar will be open unless otherwise requested.

  • ID required.
  • No outside alcohol is permitted.
  • Kitchen/bar does not offer any food for sale.

Food can be brought into the curling center or your event may be catered by any licensed food service. Banquet tables are available and can be set up for your use.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of restaurants and food services that can cater your event. Denver Curling Center does not have any food for purchase at the facility.

Please discuss your catering needs with your event coordinator prior to your event.

Start by submitting your contact information and event request on our Corporate Events: Inquiry and Request Form. A DCC Corporate Event Administrator will contact you and working with them you will establish the date, time, and size of the event. You will be required to sign an event agreement and provide a $250 deposit in advance. The balance is due on the event date. An Event Coordinator will contact you approximately 2 weeks prior to your event to confirm arrangements and discuss details or specials needs. All participants are required to sign a waiver prior to stepping on the ice.

The game of curling is easy to learn and great for groups of all shapes, sizes, and athletic levels. While it is a game of strategy and finesse, the fundamental skills and rules of curling can be picked up quickly and your group will be ready for game play in about 30 minutes.

Here's a little introduction, brought to you by Curling Canada.: CURLING - A 2 Minute Guide

Yes. We offer two methods of delivery of the rock: the slide delivery and the stick delivery. The slide delivery is the method most seen and involves a sliding lunge. The stick delivery is an alternate method in which players deliver rocks from an upright position. It was created to allow less mobile curlers the opportunity to play. Players may choose the stick delivery method for a variety of reasons including: back or knee issues, loss of mobility, and general health concerns.
A curling team consists of 4 players. Each group determines if they want to form teams in advance or informally at the club. Most events consist of self-formed teams and casual games.
Longer events may choose to establish a mini-tournament style with competitive play. Work with your Event Coordinator to establish the format of play and how you would like to structure your event. Some events plan for short games within a simple bracket and offer prizes for the participants.
No. All of our private events are supervised by our instructors. This is for your own safety, as well as maintaining condition of ice and equipment. Only DCC members can reserve sheets during practice ice sessions.
The Warm Room is available for use during your social hour. Additional time can be reserved for longer meetings. It is an open area, not a closed room. The facility has seating for 64 and A/V equipment available. Your Event Coordinator can assist with any specific needs.
Yes. We welcome spectators to our club and your event. There is viewing available from the Warm Room. There is no charge for guests and spectators that are watching only.
Childcare is not provided by the curling club, but children are welcome in the Warm Room. Children must be supervised by the private group.
The Denver Curling Center is located at 14100 W 7th Ave, Golden, CO 80401 (near the Colorado Mills Mall). Click here for additional directions. Free parking is available on the premises.

So you want to impress your co-workers! Here are some of the more commonly used words in curling.

Biter A stone barely touching the 12-foot ring.
Blank End Neither team scores in the end.
Bonspiel A curling tournament.
Broomstacking Socializing with teammates and opponents, often over a drink, after a game.
Button The smallest ring in the house. It is two feet in diameter.
Delivery The process of throwing a stone.
Draw A shot thrown to rest within the House.
End When sixteen stones have come to rest, similar to an inning in baseball.
Guard A shot that comes to rest in front of another stone for protection.
Hack The pieces of rubber you push off from at either end of the sheet to deliver the rock.
Hammer The last shot of the End.
Hog lines The horizontal lines several feet above the house on each end of the ice. A delivered stone must be released before it reaches the near hog line and must completely cross the far hog line to remain in play.
House The area within the outside circle at either end of the sheet.
Hurry (or Hard) A call from the skip to the sweepers to sweep faster and with more pressure.
Pebble The tiny frozen droplets that cover the ice. This is what the rock rides on when going down the ice.
Stone or Rock Terms used interchangeably.
Sheet The total playing area for one game.
Skip The captain of the team.
Takeout A shot thrown hard enough to remove another stone from play. Also called a "HIT".
Warm Room Public area for socializing, meetings and watching the action on the ice.

Here's a quick tutorial on curling from Curling Canada: CURLING - A 2 Minute Guide

Please feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions regarding private and corporate events.

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