FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Frequently Asked Questions.   The list is small now but will build as you ask questions.


Membership Questions

Q. How are leagues filled? 

A. How a league is filled 

Q. What if I am going to be away during registration and have no access to the web site?

A. Email your request to Kendal Andrews or Phil Moir before June 1. We will do our best to help you with league selection.

Q. I registered, selected my leagues and finished the payment process, however I want to make changes.

A.  You can make changes up until the time we receive your payment and we lock your account as being paid. After that contact us and we would be happy to make the changes for you.

Q. I want to add another league after I have paid.

A. If you have selected and paid for a league and later decide to add an extra league, please contact Kendal Andrews to assist in modifying your league choices. 

Q. Can I switch to other leagues after I have registered and paid my fees?

A. Yes, subject to availability within the League.  Contact Kendal Andrews, the League Coordinator 

Q. Are membership dues included in the league fee.

A. No.  You must be a member to join a league.  Membership dues and league dues are separate. 


Non-Members on the Ice

Q. Can I bring a non-member friend or family and teach them to curl during a league night or member's practice time?

A. No. Leagues and member practice times are for members only.  These times are not to be used to teach friends or family how to curl. Non-members are not permitted on the ice surface unless it's during an organized event such as a curling class, corporate event or bonspiel. 

Q. Can visiting members of other USCA clubs sub in a league?  

A. Yes.  See the subbing policy page for details.

Subbing and Practice Time Questions

Q. How do I sub for another team?

A. Any member except Social members may sub (spare) for another team.  There is no cost members.  Click here for more information.  

Resetting Your account Password or Lost User Name

Q. I forgot my user name or password, how do I reset it?

A. You can reset your password or get a reminder of your user name on the member login page. There is a "Forgot Login?'  link.  When you request a password change it sends you a cryptic new password like;  IOIOpPZQPePU   

You can then reset that to anything you want in the Members Home Page.  

  • log into your account
  • click on "My information" on the "Members Home Menu" on the right side of the page
  • then pick the "edit' tab " , " update  your profile"   at the top of the page
  • then pick the "user info"  tab.  change password is on that page.

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The Denver Curling is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the spirit of curling; to develop youth and adult programs that lead to local, national, and international competitions. We host leagues, learn-to-curl clinics, corporate team building events, and open houses from September to May.   Contact us to learn more about this awesome sport and the benefits of joining Denver Curling.

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