We have several league options depending on the skill of the curler. The following are to help you find an appropriate league for your skill level.  

  • Recreational Leagues - The majority of our league are recreational, with a mixture of experienced and novice curlers. New curlers are welcome in these leagues but will, in general, play the lead or second position on the team. Open to all curling skill levels.  
  • Competitive League - Designed for advanced curlers who have curling experience and would like to play against other curlers in a more competitive atmosphere than the recreational leagues. This is the league for curlers who have aspirations of playing in competitive bonspiels and National Championships.
  • Doubles - Instead of playing in teams of four, mixed doubles curling is for teams of two players – typically one male and one female, but this league does not require teams to be mixed. see more information. Open to all skill levels.
  • Women's League - A women's recreational league on Sunday evening for women of all curling skill levels. 
  • Adaptive "No Sweep" League  -  For people that require an adaptive method of delivering the stone. In other words, if you are unable to push out of the hacks for one reason or another, this is the league for you. As part of this league, no player will be sweeping the stones. We invite wheelchair curlers, stand-up curlers who utilize a delivery stick and then if we have room on the teams, able-bodied players who want to participate. Open to all curling skill levels.
  • Junior Program
    • Little Rockers - Saturday morning 8-session courses.  Begins in November  
    • Middle/High School - Saturday mornings after Little Rockers.  Initial focus will be on instruction, followed by the addition of weekly strategy and game play.  Begins in November 
    • College -  TBA.  College teams, don't forget to sign your team up for the College Bonpsiel!

All of our recreational and competitive leagues are "Open" at this point, meaning they are open to any combination of women, men or juniors. League formats may change from year to year.

Leagues times and details:  

  • Click here for details of Current League Sessions 
  • Some leagues play at the same time each week and some leagues have rotating draws.  
    * For example a Rotating draw means that one week you may play at 6:15 and the next week at 8:30. This is subject to change as the draws are created and the teams move within divisions.

League Prerequisite: