As a benefit of membership, you may sub (spare) in any other Denver Curling league for teams that are missing a player or two.   (not available with Social Membership)

How to Sub and how to find a Sub

1. Sign up in the subbing section of the Members menu (you must be signed on as a member to see this). A team that needs a sub will contact you. Make sure your contact information is up to date.   To find a Sub use the  Sub lists on the Members Menu.  You can select a list and send to all those that have signed up.

2. Or show up any league night and let teams or the league coordinator know you are available to sub. It is the sole discretion of the team's skip to decide if they need a sub or not.    If you need a sub, you can announce it before the game.  Often members just show up and hope to play or some will volunteer to play a second game. 

3. Some members prefer to use the Denver Curling Warm Room FaceBook Group.  All members are welcome to join this group if you are a Facebook user. Commonly members announce that they are looking for a sub using FaceBook.  



It is the responsibility of the sub and the skip of the team that the sub is playing for to follow the rules.  

The sub should have the appropriate skill level for the league. If you are an advanced player please play lead or second unless you are replacing someone of an equal skill level. It's not fair to other teams to "bring in a ringer" as a skip. 

A Sub :

1. must be a current member in good standing of Denver Curling (social membership excluded) or be a current member in good standing of another USCA member club or other WCF member nation association (Canadian Curling Association, etc)


2. one or more of the following must apply
- have completed at least one learn to curl class (Subbing is not the time or place to learn how to curl)
- are actively playing in Denver Curling leagues 
- have played in past leagues
- currently active in leagues of other clubs.


  • A Social Membership does not include subbing rights 
  • no fee for visiting members from other clubs (as defined above) twice per curling season, and then $25 for each time after that.

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The Denver Curling is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization committed to teaching, developing, promoting, and encouraging the spirit of curling; to develop youth and adult programs that lead to local, national, and international competitions. We host leagues, learn-to-curl clinics, corporate team building events, and open houses from September to May.   Contact us to learn more about this awesome sport and the benefits of joining Denver Curling.

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