Mixed Nationals Teams 2024


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Team Johnson  (AK)

Region:   Alaska

Skip:   Jonathan Johnson, Fairbanks CC

Vice:   Erica Blake, Fairbanks CC

Second:  Devin McDowell, Fairbanks CC

Lead:   Jeannette Smith, Fairbanks CC

Region: Alaska

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Team Leichter  (MA)

Region:  At Large

Skip:   Alex Leichter, Broomstones CC

Vice:   Laura Hallisey, Philadelphia CC

Second:   Ryan Hallisey, Philadelphia CC

Lead:   Nicole Aaron, Broomstones CC

Region: At-Large

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Team McMullin  (ND)

Region:  Dakota Territory

Skip:  Carson McMullin, Eau Claire CC

Vice:   Gianna Johnson, Four Seasons CC

Second:   Miles Grabow, Capital CC

Lead:   Bailey Vaydich, Fargo-Moorhead CC

Coach:   Connor Kauffman

Region: Dakota

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Team Jorgensen  (MI)

Region:  GLCA

Skip:   Greg Jorgensen, Detroit CC

Vice:   Kelsey Ostrowski, Chaska CC

Second:   Alex Rich, Detroit CC

Lead:   Melissa Turbow, Detroit CC

Coach:   Jenn Levy

 Region: Great Lakes








Team Brundidge  (MN)

Region:  Midwest

Skip:   Jed Brundidge, Chaska CC

Vice:   Bella Hagenbuch, Waltham CC

Second:   Cameron Rittenour, Fargo-Moorhead CC

Lead:   Mae Hagenbuch, Waltham CC

Coach:   Kate Hagenbuch

Region: Midwest

midwest curling association





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Team Sobering  (CO)

Region:  MACA 

Skip:   Darryl Sobering, Denver CC

Vice:   Renee Sobering, Denver CC

Second:   Josh Chetwynd, Denver CC

Lead:   Cynthia Smith, Denver CC

 Region: Mid-America




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Team Falco  (CO)

Region:  MACA

Skip:  David Falco, Denver CC

Vice:   Becca Wood, Denver CC

Second:   Lance Wheeler, Denver CC

Lead:   Clare Moores, Denver CC

Coach:  Brian Brown

 Region: Mid-America






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Team Jukich  (MN)

Region:  Minnesota

Skip:   Andy Jukich, St.Paul CC

Vice:   Tiffany Simons, Hibbing CC

Second:   Ryan Mellinger, Duluth CC

Lead:   Beth Baucom, Hibbing CC

 Region: Minnesota





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Team Siggins  (AZ)

Region:  MOPAC

Skip:   Mike Siggins, Coyotes CC

Vice:   Claire Blaske, Coyotes/SFBACC

Second:   Sean Franey, Denver/SFBACC

Lead:   BriAnna Weldon, Denver/SFBACC

Coach:   Brett Kury

 Region: MOPAC





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Team Murray  (AZ)

Region:  MOPAC

Skip:   Sean Murray, Coyotes CC

Vice:   Steph Larson, Hollywood CC

Second:   Brandon Ellison, Coyotes CC

Lead:   Kimber Maroney, Coyotes CC

 Region: MOPAC





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Team Yalowicki  (WA)

Region:  Pacific Northwest

Skip:   Cory Yalowicki, Granite CC

Vice:   Shelby Williams, Granite CC

Second:   Jordan Williams, Granite CC

Lead:   Aryn Grause, Granite CC


 Region: PNWCA




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Team Roth  (WI)

Region:  Wisconsin

Skip:   Nina Roth, Madison CC

Vice:   Kroy Nernberger, Madison CC

Second:   Tony Roth, Madison CC

Lead:   Shalon Holbeck, Madison CC

 Region: Wisconsin



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